Monday, September 29, 2008

A Month in Review

The end of September is here already! As I look back over the calendar, we had some fun events going on. Here are just a few...At the beginning of the month Avery Jane started preschool. She is going to Small Stars Preschool with Miss Michelle again this year. She goes from noon to 2:00 on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday. During the summer she wasn't quite sure that she wanted to go to school again. Though now that she has been going for a month now, I have not heard one complaint. She was one of the first in her class to celebrate her birthday. Chloe and I took pink cupcakes (Avery helped frost and sprinkle) for the class to have for snack and Avery got to be the teacher's helper that day. She had a coloring test the other day and got very good scores! She is becoming very interested in how to spell words and loves to draw and write.
Avery also had her very first Primary Program. She got to sit on the front row of the stand, right next to her teacher. That was a good move on her teachers' part! They are so patient with her! She seemed to know the words to most of the songs. There were some we couldn't tell because she was turned around playing with the chairs! She had a speaking part with 2 other kids from her class. She said, "We search the scriptures and we ponder them." She did great!
Chloe has become quite the mover! She can crawl just about anywhere she wants and is starting to walk along the furniture. We have tried to get her to walk or stand alone and she just goes floppy! She still only has 2 little teeth on the bottom, yet she wants everything on my plate! She has tried macaroni and cheese, fruit and veggies, Sunday dinners, hot dogs, etc. She just gums everything until she can swallow it. It makes her so happy when we give her what we are eating. She doesn't say too many words yet, just "mama", "dada", "ooooh", and "oh", and the occasional "wow" and "uh-oh".
As for Stephen and I...our nights out usually involve and dry pack assignment, visiting/home teaching, Relief Society visiting/meetings, etc. We did make it to a movie (or was that in August? I can't remember). We saw Mamma Mia and loved it! The ABBA music was so fun that we had to buy the soundtrack. We have converted Avery to it as well. Whenever we get in the car now she wants to hear "the money song"!
In the middle of the month we had a girl's night out with Grammie Jensen and the cousins. We all went to dinner at Robintino's and then to Roger's theater for High School Musical. Avery did okay with the first part, but quickly lost interest and got sleepy. By the finale she was out cold in my lap!
Today (Sept. 29th) Avery, Chloe and I rode Frontrunner from Woods Cross to SLC to meet Stephen on his way home. Usually when Stephen has to go into work he rides the train home and we pick him up. Avery loves to stand by the railing and watch for the train and her daddy and today she got to "go inside". She loved sitting by the window and watching how fast the train went. Chloe even seemed to enjoy herself. What a fun day.

Mommie's girl!

Chloe Kate loves her mom! If I am within her sight, or range of hearing she wants to be on my hip. She has a melt down if I walk past her without picking her up. She pushes away from Daddy to get to me. Well, one day she found a key chain that Avery had made at preschool. We took this photo because it so appropriately showed our little mommie's girl!

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

My 4th Birthday, by Avery Jane

My birthday was a Ariel birthday. I played "pin the fin" on Ariel, my friends played it too. I played inside the water. I got presents. I like them and I even played games. We played like swimmin' in the water and sittin' in the water and go in the sprinkler a lot. We played goin' down the slide when we were swimmin'. I played sprinkler tried to catch me. We played who can make the bigger splash in the swimmin' pool. And they didn't do the huge...I did! I even liked the sprinkler ball. We watche Ariel Beginin's, it was even more fun.
Added by Hallie: Avery had about 6 little girls over to decorate crowns, play in the water toys, dig for sea shells and eat Ariel bubble gum ice cream cake (very homemade). They had a blast and she loved all the fun princess, Ariel and Dora gifts...Thanks friends!

The Davis County Fair I decided that I have lived in Davis County for 34 years now and I cannot recall every going to the fair! I was not going to let my kids miss out on the fun, so we went. We even got Miranda and "the one that goes with Miranda" (Nate) to join us! Avery could not wait to get to the petting zoo and spent many long minutes petting the horns of the goats. She was excited to see the big fat pink and black pigs and was mildly interested in the mule and llama. Chloe even got close enough to the tiniest cute! We had a great time watching the girls with the animals. Avery got her face painted by Mom and waited very patiently for a flower balloon from a very tired clown. She even got brave enough to touch a snake and had to have one painted on her face after that! Good times had by all.

Summer Fun!

This summer we have not traveled far from home. With the exception of our trips to Palisades and Bear Lake we have tried to do fun things around town. Early in August Hallie, Avery and Chloe went with friends from the neighborhood to Hogle Zoo. The Buchi family has a boy Avery's age (Riley) and a girl that is 2 years old (Shelby). We had a great time. Here are some of the pictures from that VERY hot day!