Thursday, April 12, 2012


While vacationing in St. George over the Spring Break weekend, we stopped on Sunday and snapped some photos. You know the kind where you are all dressed up and everybody puts on their best smiles. Yep, it really happened that way! Okay, not quite...Chloe cried twice. We managed to get some good photos even so. Just thought we would share them here.

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(We'll share some other "fun" photos from our trip down south in another post.)

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Where to start?!

When it comes to blogging, as with so many other things…I am a bit behind!  Those of you who still check blogs regularly and are disappointed that nothing has been posted here since August of last year, I apologize!  I am going to do a quick post here, just so that Chloe can look back at this one day and know that her parents did do birthday parties for her too!  I will hopefully post a few other things as well.  If I am using this as a journal or record or our family, then I better get to it!


October 2011

Chloe turned 4.  Everything was Rapunzel!

IMG_4758 IMG_4779

We had “hazelnut soup” (aka broccoli soup) & braided rolls for lunch, cupcakes served in a frying pan, and played pin the nose on Flyn.  She opened presents and they finished off the afternoon watching the movie and sidewalk chalk outside.

She was in heaven!


November 2011

I discovered Pinterest.  What a wonderful thing!  For those of you not familiar, it is an on-line place to save the ideas, recipes, thoughts, etc. that you find out there on the web.

Pinterest was a life saver for Thanksgiving this year.  I wanted to try some new recipes and they turned out great, especially the cherry pie!


Stephen smoked a turkey again this year.  You may recall the pictures from last year (2010)…

IMG_0780 IMG_4890

This year went much better (on the right)!  Stephen rigged up his smoker to run on propane this year instead of the wood.  It still had a smoky flavor but wasn’t nearly so blackened!

The tree in the backyard has gotten quite tall and drops quite a few leaves.  The girls enjoyed an afternoon playing in the leaves.  Burying themselves, falling backwards into the pile and even a little shower of leaves with daddy’s help.


IMG_4912 IMG_4932

December 2011

The girls have done some dancing this year.  Earlier in the fall they danced at the Scarecrow Festival at Thanksgiving Point and in December they performed at the Festival of Trees at the South Towne Expo Center.  Avery loves the stage and gets so excited.  Chloe is slowly warming up to the idea.  After the disaster that was the Lagoon Dance Competition earlier in the summer, where she simply stood there and shook her head “no”, we are happy with anything she does on stage.

IMG_4496 IMG_4501




At the Annual Legacy Dance Year End Performance at Flip’s Gym, the dad’s had a chance to get involved.  The girls practice something called Drill Down at dance each week where they have to listen carefully as their teacher, Miss Mo calls out directions:  right face, left face, about face, etc.  It helps them to be better focused as a dancer.   This year they included a Dad’s Drill Down!  No way Stephen was doing this without a little cutie on his shoulders.  He did alright, but could have used a little more practice!


We took our annual trip to see the lights at Temple Square.  This year we went with our good friends, the Pulsipher Family.  Gary was kind enough to take a picture of our family…

(yes we are blurry…don’t worry we teased Gary about his photo skills!)


We rode the trains downtown and had dinner at the food court at the Gateway (not for lack of trying to find something else!)  The kids enjoyed the lights, the train ride and the time with friends.

 IMG_5154  IMG_5155

IMG_5194Santa delivered in a big way again this year.  The girls were all too happy with the pile of presents.  Avery got some new squinkies, clothes, a new bedspread (made by me!  with help from my mom) and some books.  Chloe was also big into the squinkie thing this year, she also is our little fashionista!  All things pink and sparkly were on her wish (and get) list.  Even her Tag Leap Frog reader came in pink!


Avery loved her new quilt and her owl hat.  The quilt was a last minute addition to her Christmas because I was feeling guilty.  I had purchased the fabric a year before to make it for her birthday.  Needless to say it didn’t happen then.  So this year I stayed up late nights to sew it all together, got it to our neighbor to quilt and my mom bound it all in the week before Christmas.  I am pretty happy with how it turned out, and I think so is she!


Well, that is a long enough post for now, hopefully I will get back here again before next Christmas!

Monday, December 12, 2011

Merry Christmas Everybody!!

We just wanted to wish everybody a Merry Christmas and happy holidays!

click on the link for our…2011 Schaff Christmas Newsletter

Saturday, September 24, 2011

A Little Backtracking…Avery’s 7th Birthday Party (8.27.2011)


Avery has been on this “Hawaiian” kick lately.  All summer long it has been her thing.  It may have something to do with the HUGE hibiscus flowers we have growing in the backyard.  Pretty aren’t they?!  Anyhow, she of course decided that she wanted to have a Hawaiian birthday party with her friends.  Here are a few picture highlights…

IMG_4293 IMG_4295 IMG_4299 IMG_4310 IMG_4311 IMG_4302

Some of her favorite friends joined us:  Kennedy, Ellie, Ella, Chloe W., Emily, Lauren, Adalynn, Misuzu and Avery Jane the birthday girl.

They had a great time playing volleyball, swimming and running through the sprinklers, water gun fights, hula hoop and limbo contests, cupcakes & tropical sherbet with slushies for a treat.

Sunday, September 11, 2011

A Home

So we went on vacation in July and came home to this on our front porch…


Mama Hummingbird had set up house and home on the extension cord for our Christmas lights.  I guess we won’t be taking those down anytime soon!  She was a very protective Mama.  She was not afraid to get up close and personal if she thought we were too close to her nest.  My brother Aaron came over one day and Mama Hummingbird tried to peck him in the ear!

A couple of weeks later there was this…

baby hummingbirds

3 baby hummingbird in that tiny little nest!  I don’t know if you can tell from the picture, but they are sitting head to tail in the nest…2 tails with a beak in between.

We watched them flap their wings and climb on each other for a couple days.  We even endured their dropping on the front porch (not pretty!)  Then one morning we went to see them and they were all gone!  We have had a lot of fun seeing hummingbirds all over the neighborhood, pretending that they are “our” hummingbirds!

School Days

IMG_4390 IMG_0121

Avery was so excited to start 2nd grade.  Her teacher this year is Miss Isaacs.  Avery struggled a bit last year with wanting to go to school.  Somewhere along the way she lost her love for school.  Everyday for the first week of school she got off the bus saying things like:  “School was sooo fun!” & “best school day ever…even from first grade!”  So things are good so far!

IMG_4414 IMG_4418IMG_4416

Chloe also got to start school this year.  Yeah for preschool!  She is going to Amber’s Academy (Amber Taylor, 1 block down the street)  So far she is loving it!  She has already talked about the letter A and the letter C and made a paper doll that looks like herself.  She has a favorite stuffed animal –Mousey…she has stowed away in her pack back everyday and been use for show and tell as an ANIMAL (FOR “A” DAY) & CUTE CRITTER (FOR “C” DAY)


(this was green beans for breakfast with Mousey…)
(Hey!  don’t judge, you feed ‘em what they’ll eat when they’ll eat it, right?!)

So you are probably wondering what I am doing with all my free time with Avery back in school all day and Chloe at pre-school for 4 hours a week…

A trip to Costco never went so smoothly!  The dishes are getting done on a more regular basis.  The “mountain-o-laundry” finally got folded (we haven’t seen some of those clothes since Jackson Hole!) Oh and let’s not forget the uninterrupted showers! 

I love my kids, don’t get me wrong…but I am also enjoying some time to my self!

Friday, July 22, 2011

I’m a Slacker…I know!

But what gives me comfort in that is that as I look through the blogs of friends and family on my side bar…most of you are too!  (In the blogging world at least!)

Summer for us does not always equal more time.  We seem to have been busy since the minute school got out.  We have had one session of swimming lessons and are gearing up for a second, summer recreation soccer and literacy at the park, friends and backyard water parties, two vacations back to back with another couple of days at Bear Lake coming soon.  Jeremy and Jordan are coming with the kids for a couple of weeks in August so there is definitely more fun to be had!With only a month until school starts again, the fun will most likely go until the bitter end!

We have been very lucky this spring and summer to have some great vacations to add to our memory books.  In April (I know, it was so long ago!) over Avery’s Spring Break from school, we took a trip to San Diego.  We had a great time!  The girls were so good on the long drive down and they completely enjoyed every minute of Sea World and the Zoo.  The Safari Park (formally known as the Wild Animal Park) was a slightly miserable experience and we will probably never do that again, but everything else was great.  I will post a Smilebox Slideshow with some of our favorite moments from that trip.

But for now, here are the pictures from our latest trip to Bear Lake with the Jensen Family and the Tetons with the Schaff Family.

IMG_3878 IMG_3877 IMG_3884

IMG_3886 IMG_3912 IMG_3944

IMG_3894 IMG_3952

IMG_3882 IMG_3905 IMG_3909

and let’s not forget the Bear Lake Wildlife…

IMG_3902 IMG_3948 IMG_3891

(He’s single folks…hard to believe huh?!)

We spent July 11th-14th at “the cabin” at Bear Lake.  With the long winter and record amounts of snow and rain fall the lake is finally back to the wall…just barely.  We were happy to see that we could launch the wave runner right from the shore and not have to be out it the marsh land muck.


That meant a few things that we didn’t get to do this year:  no packing lunches before you’ve had breakfast, no truck loading and unloading every morning and afternoon, no truck rides to the bathroom, no sandy bums & toes and the girls could change in and out and in and out and in and out of their swimming suits whenever they felt like it!


The morning of the 14th we loaded the car back up and headed to the Grand Tetons to meet the Schaff Family for 6 days.  We enjoyed the beautiful mountains, wildflowers, wildlife and relaxation. 

IMG_3954 IMG_3955 IMG_3958

Downtown Jackson at the Elk Horn Arches in the Park

IMG_4151 IMG_4150

A view of the Tetons from the back deck of Jackson Lake Lodge.

IMG_3982 IMG_3997 IMG_4182

Saddles at Jackson Lake Lodge, my cowboy and girls, wildflowers and smiles.

IMG_4001 IMG_4062 IMG_4036 IMG_4032 IMG_4047 IMG_4018  IMG_4027 IMG_3999  IMG_4050

Bar T5:  Wagon ride complete with Indian ambush, dutch oven dinner and a show, Avery & Preslee.

Wow this is getting long!  But there is still more!  Time to Enjoy Yellowstone.  We stayed mostly around Old Faithful and a few hot springs just north of there.

IMG_4068 IMG_4072

Keplar Cascades

IMG_4074 IMG_4075 IMG_4079 IMG_4083 IMG_4084 IMG_4085

Old Faithful

IMG_4092 IMG_4093 IMG_4094 IMG_4097

The Beehive Geyser and 2 kids that don’t care!

IMG_4100 IMG_4104 IMG_4111

Bacteria mat, Fountain Paint Pots and boiling mud!

IMG_4115 IMG_4145 IMG_4124  

Spasm (the geyser not the girl), boiling run off from the Excelsior pool and Turquoise Pool.

And last but not least…The Grand Prismatic Springs.  I loved the colors that came off of this one.  Even the steam seemed to glow blue, green and orange.

IMG_4129 IMG_4130 IMG_4135 IMG_4137 IMG_4136

You may have noticed that Avery Jane is the star in most of these photos.  Katers was tuckered out and fell asleep on Stephen’s shoulders at the Fountain Paint Pots.  They relaxed in the car while Avery and I ran up the hill to catch these wonders of nature.



We just want to say thank you to the Grandparents in our lives that put together these vacations.  Without them we would have been stuck at home doing laundry!