Thursday, February 10, 2011

To Cast Or Not to Cast….That Was the Question!

Just a little update…

We went to Sports Med this morning and met Dr. Betteridge.  He took a look at Avery’s leg and x-rays.  He told us that what she has is a buckle fracture on the tibia and possibly a second small fracture on the other bone (fibia, I think).  He thinks from just looking at the x-rays that she probably landed her dismount from the playground toy with a jam and twist motion.  He left it up to us and Avery whether to cast it or get a walking boot and crutches.  Knowing Avery we felt like she wouldn’t be taking a boot off just for the fun of it, and it would allow her to itch any itches that come along.  She is happy with the boot especially after Dr. Betteridge told her that she could “bedazzle” it if she wanted.  (She was only sad about the boot because it wasn’t pink!)

So we are booted and on crutches for at least 2 weeks, then back for more x-rays after that.

Thanks for all the calls and e-mails to see if she is okay!

IMG_2791 IMG_2792 IMG_2794

And let’s not forget the Katers, who may or may not have been looking for a little attention…


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Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Poor Avery!

broken leg xray [2]

Avery started her day with a lazy morning at home waiting to go to the dentist at 9:30  You see she had broken one of her molars over the weekend and was going to get it fixed today.  The dentist was fast and she made it to school in time for recess at 10:30.  She got some school work done and went to lunch.  At lunch recess she climbed to the very tippy top of the ropes (whatever those are!) and was looking for her friend when the bell rang.  She started her descent, and then suddenly she was on the ground and couldn’t walk.  The playground duty wheeled her to the office on a chair with wheels, where she cried and cried.  The secretary called and mom came.  It was 12:15.  This kid will do anything to get out of school!

Just kidding…she was seriously in a lot of pain.  I had no idea what I was going to find when I got to the school.  I thought first, maybe this is just Avery being her usually dramatic self, but after a quick prayer in the car and trying to make her walk in the office and her crumbling to the floor, I knew we had something more.  Off to Insta-Care. 2 hours later…Yep, it’s broken!

Now we are home with leg elevated & splinted and awaiting the cast (or boot) on Thursday!