Monday, February 15, 2010

Hello, Welcome to Spa de la Grammie!

For a fun Valentine’s party, Grammie Jensen hosted “Grammie Glamour Day” for the 5 Utah based grand-daughters (We missed you Addy!)  They were greeted by hostess Grammie and given a gift.  Grammie had made each of them an adorable hat!  They were then told about the spa treatments that awaited them…pedicures (complete with paraffin wax dipping!), manicures, beauty salon hair do’s and make up facials. 

They each had a glamour shot photo moment and then off to lunch all “glammed” up!

DSCN1332 DSCN1331 DSCN1338

DSCN1354 DSCN1359 DSCN1356

DSCN1344 DSCN1346


Dear Grammie,  Thanks for making us feel BEAUTIFUL today!  Love, Avery and Chloe

Monday, February 1, 2010

A Sunday to Remember…


Russell M. Nelson presided and spoke at our Special Stake Conference this past Sunday…

Of course this was the Sunday Chloe decides “horseys” are her toy of choice and that she has to “neigh” and “whiney”.  It is also the Sunday Avery and Cousin can’t seem to remember what a whisper is.   I’m hoping since we chose to sit at the back, that only the row directly in front of us was disturbed!  Even in the chaos of kids at Stake Conference,

I was taught…

He began his talk by having all the children stand and sing I am a Child of God.  They sang so quietly and reverently and as I watched Avery “perform” for Elder Nelson from the back row I could tell  she knew she was a Child of God. 

He then turned his talk to the parents and gave us a large list of things that we should be teaching our children.  He emphasized that the home is the best place for our little ones to learn.  He encouraged us to teach them that they are Children of God and for them to understand that concept they must know who God is.  Her urged us to teach about Jesus Christ, the Atonement, Joseph Smith, the Book of Mormon and the Restoration of the Priesthood.  He added topics such as tithing and the word of wisdom.  He asked us to correct our children when they need correcting, but to do it as Jesus would…quietly, lovingly and privately.

(He must have seen me on the back row giving the evil eye and shushing the girls!)

He left a blessing with us that we would feast upon the words of Christ, that health concerns would have a blessing of healing if it be the Lord’s will, and he blessed us with patience and persistence.

These are just the highlights…there was so much more!